A Guide For Homeowners On How to Choose the Best Seating Possible For Your Master Bedroom Suite

No matter the size and style of a bedroom, adding a sitting area is an easy and charming way to increase functionality and space. An elegant chaise longue or a pair of overstuffed armchairs instantly create a cozy reading spot or an intimate space to unwind at the end of the day. Take a look at these bedroom sitting areas and get inspired to create your own. 

When decorating, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of every little detail. No doubt, the bedroom is your most intimate and personal space, so the way you decorate it can say a lot about your personal style and personality. Since we spend nearly seven years of our life in the bedroom, it is important to design the room in the way that feels comfortable to you, including a relaxing and functional sitting area. The bedroom is one one of the most important rooms in your home. Having a sitting area directly in the bedroom allows for this comfort and relaxation.

A master bedroom is more than a sleeping place-it should provide enough relaxing retreat during any time of the day! One thing many people neglect is the importance of comfy seating in the bedroom, even if most of them tend to go there in the afternoons and read or watch TV

Choosing the best seating for your bedroom will depend on many factors: your style, preferences, beds, and other furniture. Luckily, the offer of bedroom sitting area furniture on the market is almost unlimited, and you can easily find a piece that looks nice, and serves the purpose. Before you start searching, check these tips that can help you determine what you really need:

Buying furniture without considering how much space you have is never a good idea. You need to make calculations, instead of buying the first piece you like and concluding that it is too overpowering for your already heaped bedroom. 

The trick is simple: balance between too large and too small, and leave enough space to move around freely. If the room is small, go for a small piece that you can push in the corner, a rocking chair, for instance. Large bedrooms, on the other hand, allow even for large, luxurious ottomans that can accommodate more than one person. Once again, the size and the layout will be decisive for the form. Small bedrooms are more suitable for chairs, while medium and large ones give you more choice to buy the piece that you really like.

The luckiest ones who have large bedrooms can really get creative with their sitting areas. It could be a private, little corner with a couple of chairs and a footstool, even one that is absolutely segmented from the sleeping part with smart, targeted lighting. Other creative accessory that divides space visually is rugs and freestanding screens in all colors and patterns. 

Assuming that you have a bedroom, storage may not be a top priority, but if you don’t have one, than it certainly is. It is difficult to get creative with storage, so the smartest idea would be to check magazines and catalogues with concealed storage options. Some of the most common solutions are tables with opening top flips, sofas with installed drawers, shelves, or decorative boxes. It is great to have these solutions placed close to you, so that you can easily take what you need from them while resting.

Comfy armchairs are a must-have. They are ideal for reading on your iPad, or going over work e-mails. The most popular accessory is an ottoman, because they serve many purposes: they can be your footrests, coffee tables, or seating pieces, of course. If your space allows it, go for the largest rectangular ottoman you can find, or two smaller square ones.

Assuming that you’ve already chosen a theme for your bedroom, there is no need to change it in the sitting area. In fact, you are supposed to continue the decor and make a visual connection between the two, which will even make the room look bigger and better-designed than it actually is. At the same time, the look can be finished with few green accent details, such as soft pillows for extra flair. For rooms with antique themes, try using rocking chairs, plush throws, or whatever you think would complement smartly you hardwood floor and rustic color palette.

A visual connection can be obtained through color, material, or design, but one thing you should have in mind is that seating is not more important than the bed. The number of sitting areas depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if your kids have the habit of coming to the room to watch TV in the morning, while you’re checking emails on your desk, think of seating that is good for both purposes. ‘Living bedrooms’ on the other hand, are perfect with separate chairs, couches, and conversation areas.

Once again, you have to think in the functional way. Bedroom accessories need to be bedroom appropriate, which means no exaggerating, and no extensive vibrancy. In the case of seating, the best choices you can make are colorful blankets and soft cushions.

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  1. As a designer, I love a great bedroom seating area. Even if your bedroom is too small to accommodate such an area, you can still put a comfy chair, or an ottoman, or some other piece of furniture to sit on. Having an extra piece just really makes the room look more “put together.” As well as a fantastic rug to tie it all together.

  2. Mmm I disagree. I mean, sure seating areas look nice, but who actually sits in their bedroom and has a conversation in that seating area? It’s more for decoration, IMHO. And a breeding grounds for piles of clothing. I know for me, if I had extra seating in my bedroom, I’d end up throwing clothes all over it.

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